What happens if you miss your flight tap Portugal?

What happens if you miss your flight tap Portugal?

Are you looking for the missed flight policies of TAP Portugal? If yes, then the below-mentioned detailed instructions are best suited for you as the customer missed the flight for various reasons. If we talk about the TAP, Portugal its policies slightly differ from the other airlines. In the below-mentioned pointers, we get to consider the policies step wise.

Let us look at the policies regarding missed flights at TAP Portugal: 

We get to consider the "TAP Portugal Missed Flight Policy" in the below-mentioned pointers. Go through them carefully:

  1. If we talk about the missed flight policies of TAP Portugal, then it depends on various factors like Fare of the ticket, the Reason for missing the flight and several others.

  2. If the passenger missed the TAP Portugal flight, they must provide the proper Reason for missing the flight to get the rebooking offers or compensation. One thing is essential to ensure that the Reason should be valid.

  3. The category of the ticket, like business class the economy class, also affects the compensation.

  4. Some specific terms & conditions of the TAP Portugal airline also suggests that the passenger can get compensation if they arrive at the airport after the timeline of 3 hours of the scheduled flight departure.

  5. If the customer cannot provide the proper Reason for missing the flight, they may not receive compensation from the airline's end.

  6. The flight missing policy is being applied on all the flights operated by the TAP Portugal airline, whether it is International or Domestic. It also gets used on the scheduled flights operated by the airline.

  7. One thing is essential to consider that in exceptional cases like the Death of a family member and others, the airline will provide full support by compensating for the missed flight and giving preference to perform the rebooking.

Take a look at the Rebooking procedure at TAP Portugal:

In case if the flight gets missed, it is evident that customers go for rebooking. Firstly it is essential to check that the flight is eligible for rebooking or not. We get to consider the detailed pointers in the steps mentioned below:

  1. In the first step, you are required to visit the official website of TAP Portugal.

  2. As you get to the official page, Move to the "Manage my booking" section.

  3. In this section, provide the information related to the passenger’s Surname, Booking reference number, and other details after filling out all. Tap the search button.

  4. If it is available for rebooking, search the flights for other dates according to your reference by filling out the new requirements like the Surname of the passengers, number of passengers, class of the travel, and others.

  5. After selecting the flight, you are required to finalize the payment.

  6. As your payment gets finalized, you get to receive the confirmation mail from the management in which there is a booking reference number and details of the rebooked ticket.

As we see in the points mentioned above, "TAP Portugal Missed Flight Policy" If you have further queries, then go through the TAP Portugal customer service to get professional expertise.


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