How Much Money will be refunded on cancellation of flight ticket?

 How Much Money will be Refunded on Cancellation of Flight Tickets

It's highly recommended that before making a flight booking, it is always better to know whether your flight ticket is refundable or not, if in case you want to cancel your flight, how much money can be refunded is equally important. Because, once you have knowledge about it, it will automatically save you from unfavourable situations where you may be spending too much money or your flight tickets become overpriced. 

Vacation is something that everyone looks forward to spending time with your loved ones. And if your flight is cancelled it ruins your vacation and your entire experience before leaving from the airport. And this happens with anyone and anytime, and when it happens with you, you might be thinking about How Much Money will be Refunded on Cancellation of Flight Tickets? For this DGCA has now understood the pain of the passengers, and they make regulations in place to make sure you can get your money back after cancellation of flights tickets. 

What  EC261 regulations says? 

  • As per the EU regulation, every airline has provided a refund amount to the original flight ticket or a different flight ticket to the passenger in case they cancel their flight tickets.

  • As per the EC261 regulations the customer can get refunded on cancellation of flight ticket Which is upto $700, as a refund cash or it can be compensation amount for cancelled flights. 

Different Refund Options

If your flight is cancelled by the airline,  because of unavoidable reasons, then you will get a refund from the airline, according to your original flight ticket. The airline will provide you the refund with two different options, and the passenger has to choose at least one option:

  • Full flight cancellation refund: an airline will offer you the full refund for all your flight according to the original flight ticket. Remember that the refund amount always depends upon the type of ticket. If your flight ticket is refundable then you will easily get the refund from the airline, or if your flight is non refundable then you might not get the full refund on your cancelled flights. 

  • Alternative flights: The airline must give you an alternative flight so that you can reach your destination on time without any hassle. You can also have the option to choose whether you would like to fly early with your alternative flight or on later dates. If you don’t find a suitable alternative flight then you have the option to ask for a full refund from the airline. 

How do I get a  Refund on cancellation of Flight ticket? 

If your flight ticket has been cancelled, then you have the option to ask for a full refund from your airline,  even if you have booked a non refundable one, instead of getting an alternative flight ticket. This mostly happens when the situation is out of airline controls, such as , air traffic, security reasons and the bad weather conditions and many more other reasons. 

When your flight is cancelled the airline will provide you with the alternative flights so that you can easily reach your destination on time. If these plans suit you then there is nothing you have to do, you just have to book a new flight. Refunds are usually given by the airline in the form of cash, vouchers and credits which you can easily use in future flights. 

If this case doesn’t suit you, then you can get in touch with customer service of the airline, and ask them for a  refund on cancellation of Flight ticket. 


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